Career & Business Development

There comes a time in each of our careers where we realise the best coaches don’t always get the best jobs… And our ability to coach doesn’t transfer to our ability to develop income streams… That’s where PropelPerform can help you!

My Story

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Full time employment always had a limited shelf life for me.

Partly due to my upbringing and partly because I watched so many of my mentors & colleagues get flicked from their positions.

So when I entered the “private sector” I thought my qualifications, experience and coaching results might mean something…

They don’t. 

No one cares.

Over almost a decade I learned valuable lessons about marketing, business, advertising, positioning, accounting, sales, attracting the right clientele, etc. 

And now I want to help  prevent from making the same costly mistakes (did you hear about the time I lost $80k in marketing fees for a measly return of 5 PT clients?).

I’ll show you how to develop multiple income streams (including how I stared Propel Health, a supplement company that sells Wonder Foods) and accelerate your career. 

Propel Mentorship

Career Guidance

  • Build your Resume effectively
  • Get the Job Before they Advertise
  • Create back-up Income Streams

Business Development

  • Attract the Clients you want
  • Set up your Passive Income
  • Improve your Sales & Marketing

Topics You Will Learn

✅ Engage your Ideal Clients

✅ Be Known as The Best at what you Do

✅ Being Comfortable Charging your Value

✅ Practical strategies to “Increase your Luck

✅ Build Passive Income

✅ Attract your Dream Job

✅ Earn the Money you Deserve

✅ Effectively Channel your Energy

Features of the Propel Mentorship

Why Choose Propel?

Immigrating from South Africa, I started my Australian career at the bottom, no inside lanes from a work experience gig or easy ride due to a good connection.

I’ve walked the path you want to walk.

In the private sector, I started from scratch too: from zero clients to a thriving gym training mostly young athletes. 

And I am still doing it.

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Employed & Private Sectors

You can be a Coach looking to rise up the ranks... Or a Coach who wants to set up Passive Income.

Total Individualisation

You get the information you need to help you achieve your goals. No cookie cutter approach.

Real World Advice

Propel has the scars to prove we only provide advice and strategies we've applied and refined.

At Your Pace

No set pace of the Mentorship. When you need guidance and advice, we set up a time and chat.