For Coaches


Bullsh!t Detector Triggers

To help protect young Coaches, gullible Athletes and enthusiastic Parents from the money-grabbing charlatans, I ...

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Swimming Queensland – High Performance Coaches Workshop

Below is a quick overview of what we chatted about and some further reading for ...

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masters degree

Chasing a Masters degree in Performance?

Having taken on an average six interns every year since 2005 I often have many ...

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Swimming Queensland – Coaches Workshop

Below are some links to information discussed at the Swimming Queensland Inter-Regional Clinics for Coaches. ...

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For Athletes


Things to do when Injured

No one wants to be injured. But the longer you compete the greater the chances ...

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The Big Race

The Big Event

At the time of writing this, twelve of my BMXers are away this week for ...

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You are responsible for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in your body. Some thoughts & heuristics regarding ...

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Getting Better at Getting Better

The original title of this post was ‘Impress your Coach’ but I thought it was ...

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For Parents


What to look for when selecting a Strength & Conditioning Coach

The time has arrived for you to start searching for a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) ...

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Ben Cross 4

Response to ‘Why Jnr Results Don’t Matter’

I posted this article about why I don’t care too much about a young Athlete’s ...

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jnr sport 3

Why Junior Athlete Results Probably Don’t Matter

Working with young Athletes can be an emotional rollercoaster, if you allow it to be. ...

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Swimming Queensland – Parent Workshops

This post is aimed at those who attended the parent workshops at the Inter-Regional Clinics ...

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