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propelperform.com Turns 1

Although propelperform was started in June 2012, it was only on September 2nd 2013 that we got propelperform.com up and running (long story that anyone trying to get a website done will probably identify with). First up, thanks to out contributors who have More

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Coach Challenge 7

Learning from unexpected places... We’ve all heard about ’12 Week Fitness Challenges’ run out of almost every commercial fitness centre, well, this is a ’12 Week Coaching Challenge’ designed to help improve your coaching. At the end of each week More

Accredited Exercise Physiologist in Jindalee

After much research, discussion and innovation, we are proud to announce that PropelHealth is up and running at the Genesis Fitness Club in Jindalee. If you're looking for an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to improve your health or a Strength & Conditioning Coach More