For Coaches


Qualifying your Advisor

It wasn’t long ago that most of our shared information was through books. I remember ...

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Rugby drill

GPS: Game Intelligence

After International Rugby, Super Rugby, the National Rugby Championships, Club rugby is often referred to ...

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3 Curious things about Rugby Training

I am publishing this because it’s been in the Drafts folder for too long and ...

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Coaching Congruency

I’ve never seen a great Coach who is rated low on Congruency. On the flip ...

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For Athletes

The Big Race

The Big Event

At the time of writing this, twelve of my BMXers are away this week for ...

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You are responsible for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING in your body. Some thoughts & heuristics regarding ...

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Getting Better at Getting Better

The original title of this post was ‘Impress your Coach’ but I thought it was ...

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Tennis Myths

Tennis Myths

Every Sport has it’s Myths and Misconceptions, and Tennis is no different. While many of ...

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For Parents


How much should a Child be training for their Sport?

The title above is a common question that is asked, debated and pondered by Coaches ...

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Tips for Choosing a Coach

How to Choose a Coach for your Child? Choosing a Coach isn’t always easy, especially ...

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Earn the Right

The ‘Earn the Right’ Principle

For parents, the instinct to provide our children with ‘every available opportunity’, while admirable, may ...

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Clyde Rathbone Sprint

Q&A: Clyde Rathbone

Former Wallabies and Brumbies winger, Clyde Rathbone and I met at the South African-based Natal ...

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