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Recommended Reading: Non-Coaching Books

Asking Twitter what 'non-coaching' books are recommended for Coaches was a worthwhile exercise. Firstly, the quality of Coach that replied is extremely high (in fact, if you don't follow someone on the list below I'd suggest you do it now More


5 Things Everyone should know about Concussions

Concussion has become one of the major issues facing sport today and this is highlighted on a daily basis, as concussion stories are commonplace in the sports media. Collision sports such as rugby, rugby league, soccer and AFL generate the More


What does David have in common with Goliath?

Regarded as one of the best Strength & Conditioning Coaches in Australia, Brendyn Appleby has switched from working with professional rugby players in the SuperRugby Competition to training the Australian Men's (field) hockey team. Despite the obvious physical differences, there are some key More