Intermittent fasting diet

What I learned Fasting for 5 days

I was inspired by some interaction between people I engage with on Twitter. 

From Saturday evening (dinner) I committed to only drinking water and black coffee for five consecutive days. 

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An overview:

  • Daily I typically fast 16 hrs a day and at least once a week I fast for 24 hrs so the first day was a cruise. We live on an acreage and I had a fair amount of work to do in the garden and it didn't affect me at all.
  • Dinner times with feeding kids is tough. Fortunately I have an understanding partner and had a presentation to do on the second night. 
  • I didn't change much exercise wise on the first 3 days but didn't do anything extra on the last two days. 
  • From 2.5 days to the end of the third day I had doubts I could make it - it seemed too far away. 
  • I added black Rooibos (a South Africa herbal tea) to my intake so I could have something in the evenings.
  • The last 2 days were the easiest. 
  • I lost 1.6kg. 

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Some thoughts below:

  • The general population eats i) too much and ii) too frequently.
  • The fact that there are still dieticians who recommend 'eating every 2-3hrs' is one reason the profession is so distrusted. 
  • Most people live well within their comfort zone and FEAR venturing out.
  • If you don't think you can't fast for 24hrs: i) you NEED to and ii) you're not as healthy as you think.
  • I wouldn't recommend starting with a 5-day fast but build up to it (gradually and progressively). 
  • After all that water I should've taken in salt earlier than day 3 (by which stage I was craving it!). 
  • Next time I'll add creatine and perhaps a bone broth. 
  • I couldn't believe how many people were shocked I wasn't dying.
  • When our ancestors were on the 'plains of Africa' they'd have to be mentally sharp and physically ready to hunt after a few days of fasting... Yet we are scared to give our, and our kid's, bodies a break from food. 
  • I must have saved a truckload of time and money.
  • I only tracked body mass. I regret not tracking skin folds and some bloods.
  • If I had to guess, I probably had two more days in me. 
  • My 'refeed' was a (a cheesy mince dish) was one of the best tasting meals I've have ever had : )

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