Top 10 Articles for 2014

Below is a list of the Top 10 Articles written in 2014 as ranked by Google Analytics.

Thanks to our Contributors who give up their time to share their knowledge and experience.

1) Development v Elite Sports – Director of Athletic Development at Port Adelaide AFL Club, Ian McKeown, explores the differences and similarities between ‘development’ and ‘elite’ sports.

2) For Athletes Only – Coaches, you’re going to want your athletes, regardless of level or age, to read this.

3) Changing Perspective – One of Australia’s top S&C Coaches, Brendyn Appleby, reflects on things he thought were important but discovered they might not be…

4) 7 Essential Questions for Great Coaching – Former Tennis Australia and Stanford Coach, David Hodge, provides us with questions we should be asking ourselves regularly.

5) The Silent Evidence – Anytime a Coach, Athlete or Parent suggests you should do something because Tiger/Federer/Manchester United/etc. do it, show them this article.

6) Coaching Challenge 1 – If there was one way to improve everyone’s Coaching ability, this challenge would be it. Read it, you’ll see.

7) Q&A with Stanford Coaching Legend Dick Gould – He amassed 17 National Championships, 17 individual national championships, 50 All-Americans, 776-148 record, and over a a span of 35 years every 4 year member of the team won a National Championship.

8) Questioning Coaching Heuristics – A heuristic is a ‘rule of thumb’ and some of these heuristics need to be challenged.

9) 13 Tips When Starting a New Job – ‘You’re never given a second chance to make a first impression’, therefore read this by David Hodge.

10) Improve Your Coaching – Regardless of your sport, these are 8 Tips that WILL improve your coaching ability.

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