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10 Non-Athletic things every Athlete should do

1) Thank your Parents First up, without them, there is no ‘you’. So thank them. Also, thank them for driving you to training. And to competition. And paying for both. And giving up their weekends so you can compete.   2) Have an Athletic Portfolio ready If you want to compete, even at the junior level, sport has become expensive. ...

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Things to do when Injured

No one wants to be injured. But the longer you compete the greater the chances you'll sustain an injury. Below are some things you should be doing while you're out.   1) Your Rehab You'd think this is a given but a lot of Athletes struggle to even do this part. Especially if it's to be done at home. Just ...

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Tennis Myths

Every Sport has it's Myths and Misconceptions, and Tennis is no different. While many of these M&Ms are harmless, some can have the ability to hinder the your development. Below are 3 Common Myths that need to be crushed, especially in an effort to help you develop. 1) One-on-One with the Coach is the Pinnacle of Training Parents complain that ...

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Dislocating your Expecations

2003 was a tough year for South African rugby fans. For starters, our national team, the Springboks, was close to the laughing stock of world rugby. In fact, it was so bad that our arch-rivals, the New Zealand All Blacks, put 50 points on us at a canter. To make matters worse, England, under coach Clive Woodward, were thriving. While ...

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A New Facility

Over the past few weeks I have been redesigning a facility that I'll see all my athletes (performance) and clients (health) out of. Interestingly, Suki Hobson was going through a similar situation, only hers was with the Milwaukee Bucks and (I am only guessing here) but I'd imagine her budget was slightly bigger. Anyway, below are some processes I went ...

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