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     Below is some of the data we collected from our testing at the FASTRACK Camp (May). A quick description of the columns below. Age – Age as of the date of camp. No. of Kids – Also known as the Sample Size. The bigger the sample size the more relevant the data is. READ MORE: Hard Road v Easy ...

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Optimising the Beep Test

Hopefully you’re not using the Beep (or more correctly, the Multi-Stage Shuttle) Test in your testing and training programs. But, if like me, you have to due to some decision makers needing to justify their positions some protocols you should know how to optimise the information. For a bit of background, I was working with a National Sports Organisation where we ...

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CrossFit – What we’re missing

On a recent trip to New York, I attended the highly acclaimed Leaders in Performance Conference. A particular highlight was when twelve of us were invited to a private lunch to discuss all things Strength & Conditioning. Our backgrounds and sports were diverse: Philadelphia Eagles (NFL); New York Rangers (AHL); Brooklyn Nets & Boston Celtics (NBA); German Football Association; Cycling ...

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Applied Tennis Specific Training Course

After 5 years in the tennis Strength & Conditioning world it became obvious that there are two types of S&C coaches on the circuit: 1) the first type understands tennis but has a limited knowledge of S&C (think: exercises on unstable surfaces, single leg work only, 30 minutes spent training the ‘core’, etc); 2) great S&C coaches who don’t fully ...

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Tracking Physical Improvements

In High Performance Sport, it is not uncommon to hear about players undergoing physical testing. It often involves some type of speed, endurance and strength tests. These tests are performed after approximately 6 to 8 weeks, and are used to assess both the athlete’s improvement and the effectiveness of the program. This philosophy works well in many sports, especially those ...

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