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Guest Post: Tips from the Top

As the High Performance Manager of the Sydney Roosters, Lachlan Penfold set up a program that won the 2013 NRL Premiership. He has some valuable lessons to pass on.  For this article on some of my early career lessons, I want to discuss the concept of developing your own philosophies.  This is a process that takes time. It will constantly evolve over ...

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Guest Post: Finding a Mentor

When you read who mentored Lachlan Penfold you can understand why his athletes have achieved so much success. Hopefully the last few articles (Grasp your Opportunity, Pay it Forward, Tips from the Top) have provided you with some insights into ways that I was able to develop as a young coach, and shown some actual examples of how this happened.  This article I ...

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Guest Post: Pay it Forward

As the High Performance Manager of the Sydney Roosters, Lachlan Penfold set up a program that won the NRL Premiership. Two weeks ago he wrote this piece that every young S&C coach should read. This week he has another tip from the top.  PAY IT FORWARD Following on from my Bandits experience, I would like to recommend to you that ...

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Guest Post: Grasp your Opportunity

After catching up with Lachlan Penfold at the Leaders in Performance Conference in NYC, I was pumped to see the Roosters win the NRL Premiership. Being a quiet and understated sort of guy it's hard to believe he was the High Performance Manager for the team, and a major contributor to their reversal in form.  When Grant asked me to ...

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