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Bullsh!t Detector Triggers

To help protect young Coaches, gullible Athletes and enthusiastic Parents from the money-grabbing charlatans, I have created a list (which I’ll update as necessary) on Triggers (words, phrases or paradigms) that should activate one’s Bullshit Detector. It is important to understand, much like a smoke alarm going off doesn’t mean there is definitely a fire burning, some of these terms ...

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Warm Ups – A Simple Framework

With over a decade within the Australian Institute Strength & Conditioning network, Emily Nolan has worked with a number of Olympic sports teams and individual athletes. In 2014, Emily was presented the Bruce Walsh Award – the highest award in Australian Strength and Conditioning.  Too many times in my career have I observed coaches who are 10-15minutes late to their own training sessions… can ...

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Posture and Muscle Strength

I have previously written a tongue-in-cheek ‘article’ about muscular imbalance here and thought I’d follow with this: It’s not uncommon for Physical Prep Coaches, Physios and Personal Trainers to assess their clients/patients and determine the posture ‘issue’ is related to a strength deficit somewhere. Usually this is in reference to an injury, but increasingly, this is provided by an expert ...

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An Insider’s Insight: The Aussie Tennis Season

Today the pinnacle of the Aussie Tennis Season, the Australian Open (AO), begins. As always the lead up tournaments have raised more than a few eyebrows at the injury rate, some intriguing results and a fair amount of back patting. Unfortunately it all means nothing and here is why. Form Means Nothing There is a fair amount of excitement during ...

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Skate Australia

Roller Derby is the fastest growing sport in the world, with over 80 leagues in Australia alone. Skate Australia have asked us to design, develop and implement their high performance and injury prevention programs. Watch this space!

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