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Guest Post: Resilience by David Watts

Off the back of his successful 2015  Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Conference presentation I asked David Watts to pen his thoughts for the PropelPerform audience. Below he discusses 'Resilience' for the successful Coach. David has also presented at the Junior Sport Science Symposium.  Resilience Achieving Long Term Success as a Strength and Conditioning Coach When we conduct experiments to determine the demands of a given ...

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Guest Post: Changing Perspective

If you're involved in the Australian Strength & Conditioning community you know who Brendyn Appleby is. He has worked with elite athletes for the past 15 years, been awarded the Bruce Walsh Memorial Award (the highest honour for a S&C coach in Australia) and is probably one of the most humble guys you could have a beer with, so we're pumped he ...

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Guest Post: 3 Things Every Coach Can Improve

Brad Stoffers is interested in coaching athletes AND coaching coaches. We asked him what he thought EVERY coach could improve. Below is his answer.  Whether a 20 year veteran or a first year coach, youth to professional, there are specific things every coach can improve upon, and if we are constantly preaching athletes to improve themselves, I believe we are ...

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Guest Post: Blueprint For Success In S&C

As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Eric Krause makes some great points about what behaviour we should adopt so be a successful coach ourselves.  Dream Athlete: A Blueprint For Success In the Field of Strength and Conditioning I have one of the coolest and most sought after job in athletics.  I would argue that being a strength and conditioning coach ...

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Guest Post: Reflections on a Successful S&C Career (2)

There are many reasons you should listen to what Justin Keogh says but our favourite is: he combines his academic qualifications with the ability to compete in Strongman events at the age of 40! In other words, he can talk the talk AND walk the walk. This is Part 2 (find Part 1 here). 6.     Importance of biomechanics, ...

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