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For Parents: 17 Dos & Don’ts

1. Do support the Coach, especially in public and in front of your child. Regardless of the emotions, always remember that the Coach has every one of their young athlete’s best interests at heart. If there is a disagreement, settle it privately. It’ll benefit all parties.  2. Don’t let ‘Did you win?’ be the first question you ask your child. Rather ...

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Twitter: Athlete Development

A while back we asked Twitter: When working with Developmental Athletes, a key focus should be_________ #AthleteDevelopment 21 People replied. The responses were varied, but interesting. Read below: Liam Maher @LiamerZ Movement literacy Matt Depledge @MattDepledge Fundamental movement skills Mark Beresford @Beresford_Mark Technique & education… Tell them why it is beneficial John Heaton @Heaton2111 Improve the young person’s focus, self ...

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Q&A: Martin Toms

It was through Twitter that I first came into the brilliant mind of Dr Martin Toms (@DrMartinToms). While most of us involved in coaching tend to focus on the performance side, Martin has a unique, and vital, outlook. So when he reached out to catch up I cleared some time and made sure the meeting took place. ________________________________________________________________________________ Hi Martin, ...

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Defending Gen Y

Previously called: Reply to (Journalist) Peter Fitzsimons I read, with interest, Peter Fitzsimons' article 'Why, oh why, does Gen Y not get it?', not because I agreed or disagreed with it but because I felt he was looking at the symptom and not the cause. We are a product of both Nature and Nurture, and our 'nature' hasn't changed much in ...

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