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Defending 10,000 Hours

As the pendulum swings away from its ‘10,000 hour’ zenith let’s not throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. There are some awesome messages that many of us at the ground level, working with young athletes and their parents, can use. But before that is discussed it is important to establish an interpretation I have that might differ from ...

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Dear Coach Educator,

Dear Coach Educator: Thanks for your time and passion. Without you, many of us would be stuck using the same techniques (which aren’t all bad) that our grandfathers used. More importantly we would probably be using them without knowing how, when and why. Your courses and feedback are typically all most of us get in the way of professional development, ...

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Guest Post: Developmental vs. Elite Sport

If the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) had an award called ‘Most Popular Coach as Voted by Their Peers’ Ian McKeown would probably win it! As someone who has done research in the Developmental space but currently plies his trade in arguably the most competitive, Elite league in the world, he remains as down to earth as ever.  Development ...

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An Insider’s Insight: The Aussie Tennis Season

Today the pinnacle of the Aussie Tennis Season, the Australian Open (AO), begins. As always the lead up tournaments have raised more than a few eyebrows at the injury rate, some intriguing results and a fair amount of back patting. Unfortunately it all means nothing and here is why. Form Means Nothing There is a fair amount of excitement during ...

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Guest Post: Pay it Forward

As the High Performance Manager of the Sydney Roosters, Lachlan Penfold set up a program that won the NRL Premiership. Two weeks ago he wrote this piece that every young S&C coach should read. This week he has another tip from the top.  PAY IT FORWARD Following on from my Bandits experience, I would like to recommend to you that ...

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