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Preparing for your next Conference

Considering the potential expenses associated with attending a Conference (travel, accommodation, food, the conference itself, etc) you'd want to ensure you maximise the event. Below are some tips that might be able to help. 1) Dress for the Job you Want, not the Job you Have. A conference is not the time to slop around. This includes the cocktail party, dinner ...

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How To Maximize Your Next Conference

Many of us are searching to make an impact in what matters most to us, but one bit of stimulation isn’t worth a conference admission fee. So in the search for better performance your attendance at these events should be coupled with high expectations and a concerted effort to reach them. Conferences shouldn’t just be a resource treat. Keep these ...

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11 Ways to Improve your Coaching

Whether you're a former player or just know the sport really well, you've no doubt realised there is more to coaching than the tactical and technical aspects. Coaching is about people. Below are 11 tips that might improve your coaching. Please feel free to add any others that would benefit a coach's athletes. 1) Be the example. This includes being on ...

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CrossFit – What we’re missing

On a recent trip to New York, I attended the highly acclaimed Leaders in Performance Conference. A particular highlight was when twelve of us were invited to a private lunch to discuss all things Strength & Conditioning. Our backgrounds and sports were diverse: Philadelphia Eagles (NFL); New York Rangers (AHL); Brooklyn Nets & Boston Celtics (NBA); German Football Association; Cycling ...

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