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Warm Ups – A Simple Framework

With over a decade within the Australian Institute Strength & Conditioning network, Emily Nolan has worked with a number of Olympic sports teams and individual athletes. In 2014, Emily was presented the Bruce Walsh Award – the highest award in Australian Strength and Conditioning.  Too many times in my career have I observed coaches who are 10-15minutes late to their own training sessions… can ...

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Twitter: Athlete Development

A while back we asked Twitter: When working with Developmental Athletes, a key focus should be_________ #AthleteDevelopment 21 People replied. The responses were varied, but interesting. Read below: Liam Maher @LiamerZ Movement literacy Matt Depledge @MattDepledge Fundamental movement skills Mark Beresford @Beresford_Mark Technique & education… Tell them why it is beneficial John Heaton @Heaton2111 Improve the young person’s focus, self ...

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Top Articles for November

Below are our Top Articles for November. Please feel free to share and tweet. 1. Preparing for your next Conference  – You’ve probably paid for flights, accommodation, food, not to mention the actual conference cost… You’re going to want to maximise this investment. 2. Nutrition for the Young Athlete – Regardless of whether your preferred label of your nutrition is Paleo, Atkins, ...

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Tips, Advice & Warnings for Coaches Looking to Work in the US

If you’re a Strength & Conditioning Coach it is almost impossible not to have a dream about working at a top US college: the packed stadiums, unbelievable training facilities and a seemingly unending conveyor belt of incredible athletes.  So we asked the the Associate Director of Football Strength & Conditioning at University of Minnesota, Chad Pearson, how one might get into ...

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5 Things Everyone should know about Concussions

Concussion has become one of the major issues facing sport today and this is highlighted on a daily basis, as concussion stories are commonplace in the sports media. Collision sports such as rugby, rugby league, soccer and AFL generate the most media interest but it is important to note that concussions can occur in any sport or physical activity (e.g. ...

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