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EOTC: From Organisations to Private

Evolution of this Coach EOTC is a series of reflections, thoughts, anecdotes and growth spurts that have occurred in my coaching career. Some of these will show wholesale changes in direction while others might just be a continuing refinement. Hopefully you can either learn something or identify from this evolution. Organisations to Private Reaching out to other coaches to connect ...

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Not long ago a mate and I were bored at a convention and took a stroll in the quest for a pick-me-up coffee. Near the entrance was a coffee stand, a mobile outlet that had been quite busy earlier that day. After placing our order, we struck up a conversation with the young, confident barista. He told us about his ...

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Gurus v Mentors

My disdain for those that position themselves as Gurus usually manifests quite passively – I just ignore them. However, as I feel my social responsibility grow, it has become apparent that there are certain groups of people (think: young coaches, impressionable parents and developmental athletes) that need guidance to ensure their ‘hard earned’ isn’t handed over to the (usually self-proclaimed) ...

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10 Non-Athletic things every Athlete should do

1) Thank your Parents First up, without them, there is no ‘you’. So thank them. Also, thank them for driving you to training. And to competition. And paying for both. And giving up their weekends so you can compete.   2) Have an Athletic Portfolio ready If you want to compete, even at the junior level, sport has become expensive. ...

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The Bed of Procrustes

In the early 2000’s, as a young Strength & Conditioning Coach, I was appointed the S&C Coordinator for AFL Queensland. My first priority included physically preparing Queensland’s top U18 footballers for the National Championship while my second priority involved preparing those that were invited for the AFL Draft. Since I typically favoured ‘Strength’ over ‘Conditioning’, and given I have a rugby ...

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