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Chasing a Masters degree in Performance?

Having taken on an average six interns every year since 2005 I often have many of the same questions come up. A frequent discussion for those coming to the end of their degree is about ‘further study’ so I’ve decided to put my thoughts into this blog post. Typically two main programs have been mentioned in the past few years: ...

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Recommended Reading: Non-Coaching Books

Asking Twitter what ‘non-coaching’ books are recommended for Coaches was a worthwhile exercise. Firstly, the quality of Coach that replied is extremely high (in fact, if you don’t follow someone on the list below I’d suggest you do it now #FF). Secondly, it’s hard to argue that the books recommended below would not improve your coaching and/or life. Thirdly, if ...

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Recommended Reading – League of Denial

  ¬†League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth What a compelling read! If you’re involved with any contact sport, from rugby to wrestling to roller derby, make sure you read this. On the other hand, if you enjoy reading about scandals and conspiracies (pointing the finger at you, NFL) you won’t be able to put this ...

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Recommended Reading – Physical Preparation

If you’re starting out in the Strength & Conditioning world (even, or especially, if you’ve come over form the personal training industry) these books are must-haves. Some of the books listed below are very scientific and a difficult read. Use them as reference, exploring a new field or for writing articles, etc. Other books can be read cover-to-cover.¬†Either way, they’re ...

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Recommended Reading – Coaching Books

  Winning! by Woodward. Clive ( 2005 ) Paperback It still burns many of us in the Southern Hemisphere that England won the Rugby World Cup in 2003 but the fact remains that they were the best prepared team. Learn about ‘dislocated expectations’ and how Sir Clive Woodward dragged a team famous for their mediocrity into the professional era. PS ...

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