Swimming Queensland – High Performance Coaches Workshop

Below is a quick overview of what we chatted about and some further reading for those interested.

Periodisation – Start planning with the end in mind.

There are many elements to preparing an Athlete.

Every Athlete is a Person first. Coach the Person, then the Athlete.

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Lower level Coaches will focus on the Technical, Tactical and Physical (Swimming-focused).

Higher level Coaches will also address the Mental, Emotional, Cultural, etc (Person-focused).

To minimise the role of luck/hope, build all six components into your training program.

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What does an Athlete at the top of their game look like?

  • Process orientated
  • Success focused
  • Not distracted
  • Control the Controllables
  • Empowered
  • Capacity to communicate
  • Anti-fragile
  • Independent
  • Growth Mindset

What will I add/subtract to my programs to ensure I ‘coach the Person’?

What does this look like at each level of development?

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Have a look at the notes from the Inter-Regional Camps for Coaches here and for Parents here.

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