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On May 5th, 2016, a Microsoft Showcase School hosted a Redefining Learning Conference.

I had no idea about the conference but did notice #RedefineLearn trending on Twitter. 

While scrolling through the tweets I found myself identifying with some, wanting to adapt others and knowing there are still others that will ruminate over time. 

Below are a collection of some of the tweets that resonated with me the most (the accompanying handle is of the Tweeter, not the Presenter):


We believe that truly individualised instruction for all is both possible & a realistic goal! – @dazgm

If it can be achieved in a classroom, why can’t/don’t Team Sport Coaches increase the focus on developing each individual?


Student learning should be a passion not a grade! – @jorganiser

Equate ‘student learning’ with ‘Athlete improvement’; while the ‘grade’ is a ‘result’. Think: Growth v Fixed mindsets. 


We believe that education belongs to the learners. – @CornwallA

 and practice and training should belong to the Athlete. 

Redefine Learn 1



We believe that all students have the right to have a voice and be heard in the classroom. – @ncallaghan1

… Again, same should apply to the training sessions. 


Leadership only happens in collectives. – @TravisDSmith

Include your Athletes into that collective and watch their engagement sky rocket!


EMPOWER every student on the planet to achieve more. – @troythomson_au



Redfine Learn 6 @CornwallA

Anyone worked in an environment like this? Top Down is seldom the best solution for Learning situations.


The only thing more powerful than ownership is authorship. – @troythomson_au

Still wrestling with this one… Thoughts?


Teach people how to innovate – innovation rules- quantity of ideas… try 100 solutions to the problem. – @clark_marg

Do you use ‘drills’ (single solution) or activities and challenges (multiple solutions) in your training?


Redefine Learn 2



Are you green and growing? Or ripe and rotting – innovation and change are constantly evolving – be on the cutting edge. – @clark_marg

Rephrased: If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards. Rephrased II: If you think you have all the answers, you haven’t been asked many questions. 


Redefine Learn 3


By the teacher and for the teachers is how we create solutions. – @noisyteacher


 Redefine Learn 4



Learning is Hard… If it isn’t are you doing it correctly? – @inekeMcG

Perhaps worth adding ‘Learning is Messy’… If it isn’t, are you doing it correctly?


If you have any thoughts, comments or questions please do not hesitate to leave them below. 

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