Recommended Reading – Physical Preparation

If you’re starting out in the Strength & Conditioning world (even, or especially, if you’ve come over form the personal training industry) these books are must-haves.

Some of the books listed below are very scientific and a difficult read. Use them as reference, exploring a new field or for writing articles, etc. Other books can be read cover-to-cover. Either way, they’re all a great investment.  

Speaking of investment, the expectation is not to buy all these books at once. Rather, buy what you can afford, read it, process the information, apply it, modify it and repeat.

Also, have a read of these articles

Science and Practice of Strength Training, Second Edition

Fact: This book needs to be in every Strength & Conditioning coach’s library and re-read annually.

Supertraining, 6th Edition

From plyometrics, to specificity to accommodating resistance, this book is the one that almost every other book references. It is the foundation.

Trying to read this book from cover to cover is similar to trying to do the same thing with a dictionary. Rather, use it as a reference and a reminder, reading sections that apply to your current S&C environment.

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training, 2nd Edition

Speak to any experienced S&C Coach and they’ll tell you the same thing: Get the basics right! This book will help you achieve that.

It covers the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Press and Power Clean and does it in an informative, easy-to-read manner. And the best thing? After each chapter there is no doubt you’ll be a better coach!


 The Weightlifting Encyclopedia: A Guide to World Class Performance

AKA the ‘Bible of Weightlifting’ – perfect for any weightlifting coach, CrossFit coach or any other coach that might use weightlifting and it’s derivatives to improve the power of their athletes.


 Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance

Young, old, athlete, patient, muscle gain, fat loss, performance enhancement… It doesn’t matter what who you are training and what their goals are you’ll need to protect their backs. I base all my back (think ‘trunk’) rehab, prehab and training on the information in this book.


 Underground Secrets To Faster Running

If you need to improve the speed on any athlete then this 86 page book provides the science and then some useful practical guidelines that have worked for my athletes (across ages – training and chronological – sports and sexes).

 Explosive Power and Jumping Ability for All Sports

When we think of speed most of us picture running, often in a straight line. The reality is that baseball, tennis and any other ‘throwing sport’ needs speed too, at the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints. Many sports need speed produced at the hip and trunk too. This book provides the science, some awesome exercise examples and a good method to package the training for speed.


Soviet Training and Recovery Methods: For Competitive Athletes

If you think the Soviets achieved their historical successes simply due to their doping regimes then you’re probably missing out on a truckload of information that studying their systems and routines can provide. This book gives some insight to the depth of their knowledge.

If you think I have left any out please feel free to contact me through this site or through Twitter @Grant_Jenkins.


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