Practicing Anti-Fragility

One of my more popular presentations to Coaches, Athletes and Parents is about the concept of Anti-Fragility (AF). 

In fact, many audience members have followed up to either learn more about it or to discuss how much it resonated with them. 

[For those who are unaware of the concept: it's a term invented by Nassim Taleb to describe anything which is strengthened by by chaos, pressure or stress, etc.]

It's one thing to present about the topic, it's completely different to live it. 

This week has been a perfect opportunity for the Propel Team to show that we practice what we preach. 

We received an email stating we were not allowed to train our Athletes and Clients before 7am. 

This has nothing to do with any complaints or noise that we might have been generating, but rather due to a minority of local residents who have an issue with our lessor. 

We just happen to have been caught in some cross fire. 

As anyone who runs a private facility knows, many of our Athletes and Clients need to be finished training by 7am, not starting. 

Anti-Fragile - that which gains from disorder, chaos, stress, pressure, etc.

So we went to work. 

Without boring you with the details we're now in a better position we were in:

  • Our current Clients and Athletes can train off site with our coaches (not much has changed there). 
  • We have built a relationship with another facility that wants to work with us, creating more opportunities for our coaches, which should commence in a few weeks.
  • A third facility is eager to get our Coaches and programs into their facility.

In other words, the stress of the email has actually put us in a stronger position where we can help more of the community and accelerate our business. 

Anti-Fragile, it's a mindset. 

I am interested in your experience of having an AF mindset. 

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