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We understand that you might not have access to a gym or equipment, or that you're not quite sure of the qualifications of the Coaches in your area so we have created our Online/Distance Programs (ODP).

The ODP allows you to access our highly qualified personnel without leaving your region, state or country.

You will be joining Athletes from North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and all around Australia.

The ODPs are designed to improve athleticism; periodised to ensure competition readiness and are simple to follow.

To begin the process, with no pressure to actually sign-up, fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


(FAQs are below the form).


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  • In basic terms, how does the ODP work?

You start out by filling the above form. We will then contact you for further information.

The program will be emailed to you.

Each program will be four weeks long with check points along the way to ensure it's been completed properly.

We can then start the cycle again.

  • How much does each 4 week program cost?

Platinum-level Program - $599

  • Pushing the Limits

Black-level Program- $299

  • Taking the Next Step

Blue-level Program - $49

  • Getting Started
  • Which program should I choose?

If this is the first planned and periodised program it's simple: we'll start you on the Blue-level Program.

This is our introductory level program and consists of 10 phases. Each phase builds from the previous phase so it's always challenging while new skills are being learnt.

If you do have some gym experience then feel free to contact us and we can help you decide.

  • What if I don't have access to any equipment?

Part of this process is getting to know your exact situation so we can plan for it.

In the Blue-Level Program most of the exercises are based on moving body weight. Don't worry though, we have the experience to ensure there is improvement with the least amount of equipment needed.

Over time, and only once you've 'Earned the Right' to progress, you will need access to some equipment but we will see that coming and program accordingly.

  • I've never been into a gym, won't I get injured?

Short answer: no.

That's why we asked so many questions and gather as much information as possible - we want to improve your performance and keep you injury free.

Also, click here if you have heard 'bad things' about resistance training.