Nutrition – 2 Scary Stories

Not exactly about performance per se, but thought I'd share these anyway.

These two incidents happened within 7 days of each other. And they're both quite scary.

Story 1 - ABC, Lost Weight & DAA

I am currently doing a series on ABC Radio about health.

The first few weeks were mainly about exercise but the last two have been about nutrition.

The first few weeks' responses, comments and questions trickled in but the two nutrition topics had us flooded with emails, texts and calls. (NOTE: Nutrition seems to be hugely personal and emotional).

The vast majority (85%?) of the comments were positive, while a few listeners had a crack ("What planet is this guy from???").

One women tracked me down and asked if she could speak to me, so I called her.

After a lifetime of battling weight issues (she was in her sixties), she discovered Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF), lost 26kgs and had kept it off for 6 months.

It all seemed so positive until she related the following to me.

The previous week she had her niece over for dinner. The niece had just graduated as a dietitian and was astounded at the transformation... Until she asked how she'd lost all the weight.

The niece then proceeded to lecture her aunt how bad the LCHF diet was and she should stop it immediately (dropping 26kg and keeping it off for 6 months was unhealthy..?).

Aside from the cognitive dissonance, the saddest, and most frustrating, aspect of the conversation was the niece relented - perhaps it wasn't the worst diet but she could never prescribe it because she felt she'd be kicked out the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA).

Summary: Woman loses 26kg, keeps it off but is told it's wrong. Also, dietitian *couldn't* prescribe it out of fear of the DAA.

Story 2 - LCHF, Doc & APHRA

Since experimenting with Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF) for almost a decade I have been having my 'bloods' checked on a regular basis.

It started off every 6 weeks (this nutrition plan was against everything I'd been taught at university and I had some reservations) and I gradually pushed it out to 6 months as the numbers stabilised.

After last year's test we moved out of Brisbane (not related) and consequently changed doctors.

During the initial consultation, my new doc was quizzing me on the reasons for the blood tests (it's paid for by the government if she can justify it) and I explained my history.

She mentioned she agreed with the LCHF paradigm, ate like that herself and fed her kids in the same way.

Excited, I told her I'd be sending my clients her way but she pulled me up: she doesn't prescribe LCHF to her patients!

Why not? She is too worried that, in the event something *goes wrong*, the Australian Health Practitioner's Regulation Agency (APHRA) will track the cause to LCHF and she'll lose her job/license/etc.

Summary: A doctor, who thinks there is enough evidence to follow the LCHF for herself and her family will not prescribe it to her patients out of fear of the APHRA.

Would be interested if anyone else has an anecdote similar to the above where the health practitioners won't prescribe something they believe is healthy because their association would condemn them?

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