Learn from the 60s! Lessons for Interns (2)

So many new gadgets, training toys, blogs, tweets, theories, experts, articles… How does a young coach know who to believe?


Be skeptical of anything in the Physical Performance world that wasn’t there in the 1960’s.

In our profession, where everyone is trying to differentiate themselves from the pack, where there is more excitement about the latest and greatest than with the tried and tested, where we chase the ‘one percenter’ and neglect the 80%, it is all too easy to lose our way.

Think back to what was available in the 1960’s: barbells, dumbbells, plates, platforms; in the former Soviet Union Verkoshanky was developing his ideas on plyometrics. Think of the exercises: squats, deads, push ups, jumping, pull ups, hopping, cleans, skipping jerks, snatches, all forms of pressing and pressing…

Now think about which athlete would not benefit from these tools?

The point of this lesson is not to shun the brilliant research being performed by the Stu McGills and Tim Noakes’ of the world, rather it is to stay grounded with that which has worked for decades.

Spend time learning the intricacies of the squat rather than signing up for the next weekend course on ‘Single handed TRX swings on a vibrating BOSU ball’.

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