A Symposium for Coaches of Developmental Athletes.

Junior Sport Science VII – Summary

32 Parents, Coaches & Administrators turned up to the the 7th Junior Sport Science Symposium was held on Thursday, September 14th.

Dave Ballard, Brisbane Bronco’s Elite Development Program, kicked off discussing what they do in their program.

Dave showed the delegates the programs he writes for his players (aged 14 to 19) at each stage of their development, what he emphasises at each stage and how he evaluates if his programs are working.

Following, Dave also discussed the other attributes and expectations of the program. Specifically, the EPD program ensures the players develop as people too.

For example, there are high expectations on disciple (e.g. being punctual), manners (pleases and thank you’s) and wearing the correct attire.

It was also interesting how much the ‘core skills’ (i.e. the basics, tackling, catch/pass, etc.) were given attention.

Dave explained how often the professional team keep coming back to what many might think is too basic. But it’s not.

Key Take Aways:

  • Keep it simple!
  • Develop the person.
  • Emphasise the basics.

Grant Jenkins answered many of the common questions he has received over the years:

At the end of the official presentations, Dave and Grant answered specific questions from the audience.

Based on the feedback so far, the attendees learned something that could help young athletes.

Thanks to those who attended for their presence and their engagement.

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