Introducing the Track & Field Planner

Dylan Hicks is a highly respected Track & Field and ASCA Level 2 Coach known for his no-nonsense approach to training.

He recently guided one of his athletes to the world junior championships in Finland in the 4x100m.

After years in the trenches he has developed a one-stop planning and tracking spreadsheet that can help T&F Coaches of all levels. 

Over to Dyl...

I’m yet to meet a track coach who does not use excel to plan or programme cycles, or to record athlete performance.

Whether it’s to write the weekly, monthly or yearly programme, most coaches fall back to excel for the Microsoft programme of choice.

I am one of those coaches.

Excel is a powerful programme which is highly used in the various sport professions, from coaching to sport science and strength & conditioning.

After years of coaching track athletes, mainly sprinters, and using multiple templates to write weekly and monthly programmes, plus using hard copy written diaries to record session data, I was sick of having to double-handle the information to see specific performance, volume or wellness data from the previous month.

I wanted everything in front of me at the touch of a button, but without having to pay a high price for it.

I wanted an ‘Athlete Management System’ on a budget; the kind a part-time coach (and full-time coach) could just plug & play.

So, I decided I was going to create an annual planner where all they key information across the season was easily available and accessible to me.

A good friend of mine, Mladen Jovanovic previously created an excel-document on steroids titled, Annual Planner for Sports (and Strength Card Builder), which is a fantastic planning, programming and monitoring tool, but largely for team sports.

So I’ve attempted to create a one-stop-shop (document) for track coaches to plan sessions, track performances, analyse training data, called the Track & Field Planner.

This is a digital download which can be adapted to ANY track and field event, whether sprints, distance, jumps, throws, and allows instant visualisation of the current status of your athlete and their programme.

Much of the content is based on the information and tutorials put out by John Lythe, Excel Tricks for Sports, which allowed me to delve into all things pivot tables and VBA coding.

John also provided his expertise when I was struggling with some of the coding which was greatly appreciated. AND, for the analytics geeks, the dynamic dashboard including acute:chronic workload ratios, will keep you on the ball with all the key metrics necessary.

So if you were like me, running a squad on a shoe-string budget, trying to keep track of as much athlete information on a standard excel-doc, so you can provide the best and most appropriate programme for them, the Track & Field Planner and the Sprint & Tempo Athlete Profile, could be the ANSWER.

These two documents will streamline the coaching process, plus provide professional looking documents for athletes and support staff.

Upgrading to the Track & Field Planner from your standard excel document will give you greater insight into exactly what is happening in your programme, instantly analyse what has happened in the past and project future performance outcomes.

Click here to watch Dyl take you through all the capabilities of the T&F Planner.

Until the end of October, all subscribers who purchase the Planner, can receive the Profile for FREE, valued at $9.99 by using the coupon code: PROPELPERFORM once at the checkout.

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For more information, contact Dylan here or follow Twitter, or the Track & Field Planner on Instagram here.

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