Introducing PropelFit

Something that has been building for a while is a need to cater for the non-elite trainer – someone who might have a desire to lose weight, build muscle or simply be a healthier version of themselves.

Keeping with the principles that has World, National and State champions training out of the same facility, we have created a commercial aspect of the business called PropelFit.

PropelFit offers programs that suit your training times and goals (check out the TimeTable here):

  • For Adults – Whether you’re a working woman or busy dad we cater to improving your lifestyle through nutrition advice and physical training.
  • For Kids – This program includes exercises and games that improve movement, aim to increase strength and build healthy habits.
  • For Athletes – AKA PropelPerform, this is for those who want to specifically train for their sport.
  • SportsCore – a Pilates-based injury rehab, trunk strengthening program for those who either have had back, hip or groin injuries or for those who want to minimise the chance of having them in the future.
  • Boot Camp – A great way to kick off your training – outdoors, fun and burn some energy : )

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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