Health Heuristics

A 'heuristic' is a procedure that provides a simple, adequate, often imperfect answer to a difficult question. Think of it as a 'rule-of-thumb'.

For example:

'Only shop in the outside aisle of the grocery store.'

(think meat, veggies, fruit, eggs, etc) is a heuristic. Not perfect, but a good place to start.

Another one, courtesy of Jeremy Sheppard, is 'Only eat it if it ran, flew, swam or grew'.

Any other health heuristics you can think of? Post below and we'll make a collection.

03/08/13 - Protein and 3 colours at every meal (Kelly Hudson)

20/08/13 - Don't eat anything from a box (Josh Hupfeld)

11/09/13 - Eat less food from your cupboard & more food from your fridge (Elisha McDonald)

19/09/13 - Don't eat any food that has a commercial for it (@Isi69Schneider via Twitter)

24/09/13 - For Fat Loss: Cut out rice, bread, potatoes & pasta (Jake Winwood)

04/11/13 - The longer the ingredient list, the further away from nature it is (and the more crap is in it)                                   (@DrFrankLipman via Twitter)

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