Hard Road v Easy Street

At the Junior Sports Science Symposium IV, internationally renowned Sports Performance Consultant Wayne Goldsmith mentioned that aspiring Elite Athletes have many small, seemingly insignificant, decisions they make every day.

In each situation you can choose to take the Hard Road or you can choose to take Easy Street.

And it is the accumulation of many, many Hard Road decisions that will take you to the place you want to be.

Below are some examples.

  • Easy Street: My parents wake me up.
  • Hard Road: I set the alarm to wake me up. 
  • Easy Street: I lay in bed till the last possible moment.
  • Hard Road: I get up straight away. 
  • Easy Street: I have a rubbish, or worse, no breakfast.
  • Hard Road: I have a well-prepared, high-protein breakfast. 
  • Easy Street: I rush my morning and barely make it out on time.
  • Hard Road: I complete my morning stretch in a good state of mind and prepare for the day.
  • Easy Street: If I am late to training I blame: mom, public transport, my mates, etc.
  • Hard Road: If I am late to training I call ahead, take ownership and commit to finding a better way. 
  • Easy Street: I catch up with my mates and wait for my Coach to signal training is starting.
  • Hard Road: I get their early, warm up by myself & am ready to train.
  • Easy Street: I do what the Coach says.
  • Hard Road: I do what the Coach says, in the manner the Coach desires. 
  • Easy Street: I am at training physically.
  • Hard Road: I am at training mentally switched on and emotionally engaged. 
  • Easy Street: When the Coach calls us in, I walk.
  • Hard Road: When the Coach calls us in, I run. 
  • Easy Street: During breaks, I grab a water bottle.
  • Hard Road: During breaks, I offer the members of the squad water bottles first. 
  • Easy Street: When the Coach says the session is over I stop.
  • Hard Road: At the end of the session I do extras. 
  • Easy Street: At the end of the session I chat with my mates and go home.
  • Hard Road: At the end of the session I ask the Coach for feedback on my progress. 
  • Easy Street: I grab some fast food on the way home.
  • Hard Road: I consume my pre-prepared post training snacks and fluids.
  • Easy Street: I jump on the couch and watch TV.
  • Hard Road: I spend 10 minutes foam rolling. 
  • Easy Street: Dinner is anything pre-packaged and/or microwaved.
  • Hard Road: Dinner is fresh veggies, lots of colour, and good quality protein. 
  • Easy Street: I waste time on Facebook.
  • Hard Road: I turn off the TV, iPad, laptop, phone, etc. 30 minutes before bedtime & read a book. 
  • Easy Street: I waste time on Facebook.
  • Hard Road: I prepare and pack for tomorrow. 
  • Easy Street: My room is a mess, light and all sorts of electrical gadgets are on or charging.
  • Hard Road: My room is tidy and perfect for sleeping. 

Athletes, every day you have choices. And each choice might seem insignificant in isolation, but over the course of your career they add up to become very significant.

So, what’s it going to be?

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