Exercise Physiologists v Exercise Therapist?

We should just admit it - no one knows what an Exercise Physiologist is.

And as for 'Accredited Exercise Physiologist' - forget it!

Unless a Physio or Doctor is working daily with an EP there is almost no chance they know who we are never mind what we do.

The public are even more in the dark. Most of them just know us as 'like a PT' or 'the fitness person'.

In fact, in commercial gyms, where EPs can choose between having "Exercise Physiologist' or 'Personal Trainer' printed on the back of their shirts, most seem to choose the latter - it's better for business.

While a sore back or knee might have someone immediately thinking of heading to a chiropractor, doctor or physiotherapist, there are very few cases where people think 'Exercise Physiologist' first up.

Now there have been improvements.

Arriving in Australia in 2003 it didn't take much for me to let my AAESS membership lapse. The new peak association, ESSA, have made some great strides, particularly with regards to the government recognition, including Medicare & private health benefits.

The problem seems to be the name: Exercise Physiologist.

It is almost impossible to intuitively know what the scope of an EP is. And, when pressed, most people seem to guess it's has more to do with lab work and research than it does a practitioner.

Currently many sports teams advertise for Rehab Coordinators who end up being either Physiotherapists or S&C Coaches. I have yet to see the ad say 'Exercise Physiology' as a requirement. It's not on the radar.

Since it's a fairly new profession surely it can't be too hard make a slight modification and call ourselves Exercise Therapists.

In fact, that is what most of the military know our practitioners as.

'Exercise Therapist' is self-descriptive - it explains exactly what we do: exercise as therapy.

Am I wrong? Missing something? Or should we look for change?

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