ASCA Conference

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ASCA Conference
November 9, 2018
November 11, 2018
October 4, 2017

PropelPerform will be at the ASCA Conference.

In addition to presenting at the 2018 Conference ('Communication in the High Performance Environment'), it'd be great to catch up about the following

INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS - Took my first intern in 2003. Have learnt a lot since then but think there is plenty I can improve on in preparing students for our profession.

ACTION SPORT ATHLETES - With 23 BMXers, plus MTB (XCO & CX) and Motorcycling athletes, I'd like to catch up with others who work with 'non-traditional' sports.

NUTRITION FOR HEALTH - Based on the philosophy that our 'Athletes are people first' I have spent the last few years really focusing on understanding and building healthy eating habits.

Unless you're a rare independent thinker, am not interested in anyone with an Australian degree in nutrition/dietetics.

PREVENTING 21st CENTURY SOFTNESS - We could explore getting out of comfort zones, remaining mentally sharp, keeping standards high, etc.

EXPLORING - I'm playing with a few things that might be interesting... Research isn't strong on them so looking to connect with those who can mix critical thinking with 'open mindness'.

PRIVATE FACILITIES - Have been running my own facility for just over 2 years now. Have some info to share and plenty to learn.

Contact me here.

Will add as I think of things

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