Coach Development

Online Consultancy (including Skype Calls)

Our online consultancy program has grown into a legitimate international source of education for coaches, managers & athletes.

We have refined the process to ensure each minute is value-packed with real-world information that addresses your questions, queries or concerns.

Duration (minutes) Cost (AUS)
1x30 (30 min total) $100.00
2x30 (60 min total) $180.00
4x30 (2 hour total) $240.00
More Negotiable

Contact us if you want to explore this further.

Please note, in the interest of developing young coaches we do offer student discounts.

Coach Development

While most Coach Development programs focus on the delivery of information, PropelPerform looks to first understand where the coach is in their journey and what they might need to improve their ability to coach.

Called our SET Program, coaches from sports as varied as tennis, rugby league, rowing, rugby union, gymnastics and cricket have improved their practice planning and set up, learning and retention.

SET is based on academic research consisting of over 2000 studies and over 50 years of coaching experience.


Coaching Courses

propelperform delivers coaching courses to State and National Sporting Organisations, as well as private coaching seminars.

As much as possible these courses are highly interactive, practical and based on the philosophy that coaching is more about communication and relationships than 'X's and O's'.

Internships/Work Experience

Taking on between 6 and 8 interns annually, the positions are hands-on and demanding.

Often thrown into the proverbial deep-end, the Intern is expected to make decisions, take ownership of various parts of the program and build their experience in one of the most rewarding professions.

Guidance is provided where needed and information sharing is continuous.

Beneficiaries of this program include the following sports organisations and schools:

  • Swimming Queensland
  • BMX Queensland
  • Motocycling Queensland
  • Tennis Australia
  • Skate Australia
  • Queensland Academy of Sport
  • Brisbane Boys College
  • St Peters Luteran College
  • Nudgee College
  • GPS Rugby Club
  • St Margarets
  • Souths Rugby Union Club

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