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Junior Sport Science Symposium VI Report

Hosting our 6th Junior Sport Science Symposium at the Ashgrove Sports Ground, we had 41 Coaches & Parents turn up to learn about developing young Athletes. Delegates came from a multitude of sports, including BMX, Mountain Biking, MMA, Rugby, Cricket, Track & Field, Skating, Hockey, Rowing, Knowing we’d have Darren Roberts as a presenter meant we geared much of the information towards ...

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QUT Professional Development

We held our first on-site course at the weekend. Previously we have been fortunate to use the facilities of St Peters Lutheran College or Brisbane Boys College but this is the first time we have used our facility and our equipment. 15 Queensland University of Technology students lifted, sprinted, argued, dissected, wrestled, challenged and grew in an effort to improve ...

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Website Update

So we’ve just passed 150,000 unique page views! (152,655 to be exact). And we’re (the website, not the business) just over two years old (two years and three days). While we have no goals or expectations on how many hits we ‘should’ have, it seems like a good idea to take stock of the content provided by these amazing contributors. ...

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For Sale

For Sale: Olympic Bench Press (with plate racks) – x2 $500 ea Adjustable Decline Bench – x1 $100 All in great condition. Pick up from Yoku Road, Ashgrove, 4060. Please pass on. (Pics to come).

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Wanted: Strength & Conditioning Interns

The GPS Rugby Club is looking to fill multiple positions of Strength & Conditioning Interns (for Grades, Colts & Women teams) for the 2016 season. GPS Rugby Club is one of the oldest rugby union clubs in Brisbane, and possibly one of the biggest in Australia. The Club has 6 Grade, 3 Colts and a Women’s team. 9 Current GPS players have played ...

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