What I learned Fasting for 5 days

I was inspired by some interaction between people I engage with on Twitter.  From Saturday evening (dinner) I committed to only drinking water and black coffee for five consecutive days.  READ MORE: Nutrition for the Young Athlete An overview: Daily I typically fast 16 hrs a day and at least once a week I fast for 24 hrs so the ...

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Why Junior Athlete Results Probably Don’t Matter

Working with young Athletes can be an emotional rollercoaster, if you allow it to be. They can have amazing wins and terrible losses. They can progress at a rapid rate and then apparently stall for no reason. The key to staying stable is to take a long-term view. And one way to do this is to accept: Junior Results Probably ...

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Swimming Queensland: Further Reading

Further Reading: Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition (Article) Switch – How to Change Things when Change is Hard (pdf) Switch – How to Change Things when Change is Hard (Amazon) Growth v Fixed Mindset (article) Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (Amazon) Other: For Coaches Dear Former Athlete How high is your ‘Coaching Congruency’? 6 Characteristics of High Performance For Athletes ...

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Guest Post: Resilience by David Watts

Off the back of his successful 2015  Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Conference presentation I asked David Watts to pen his thoughts for the PropelPerform audience. Below he discusses ‘Resilience’ for the successful Coach. David has also presented at the Junior Sport Science Symposium.  Resilience Achieving Long Term Success as a Strength and Conditioning Coach When we conduct experiments to determine the demands of a given ...

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Q&A: Clyde Rathbone

Former Wallabies and Brumbies winger, Clyde Rathbone and I met at the South African-based Natal Sharks in 2002. As it happened, it turned out to be a stand out year for Clyde with him making his Super Rugby debut, winning the Under 21 Rugby World Championship as captain and signing with the Australian-based Brumbies. Clyde, since we first met you’ve ...

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