3 Exercises every young S&C Coach should know (well)

On Tuesday evening (Aussie time) @ASCA_Conf asked the following question on twitter: What are 3 exercises every young Strength & Conditioning Coach should learn? The idea is not to be confused with what are the most most important exercises for any or every athlete; but rather asking where should the inexperienced coach focus their attention? Following this line of thought, ...

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What to do when it rains (Tennis)

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions during this year’s Wimbledon the topic of rain delays have potentially affected the outcomes of a number of matches. For coaches and players there is always the dilemma of what to do during the delay – take a shower? Head to the gym? Cool down or keep warm? Of course there is no one ...

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As a naturally, and probably annoyingly, inquisitive person I try to work out why coaches and trainers give certain exercises and regimes. Often it is self-explanatory, though I still like to hear the reasons behind it, and other times it isn’t. The times that the rationale isn’t so obvious are when the activities includes a gimmick. When I ask, and ...

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What happens when you let kids play

One of the projects that the propelperform team has taken on is to help physically develop the younger students of Brisbane Boys College. The before-school program has been given the name “The Highlanders Club” and is open to any boy in grades 7 to 9; regardless of what sport (if any) they would like to participate in. Working closely with ...

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Keeping cool

While we know top level tennis is about executing incredible skill under intense pressure, and that the players possess unbelievable athleticism, sometimes these qualities are not enough. Sometimes, like at the US Open, in the suffocating summer heat and humidity of New York, the ability to endure the conditions is the key factor in walking off the court victorious. Below ...

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