Dear Coach Educator,

Dear Coach Educator: Thanks for your time and passion. Without you, many of us would be stuck using the same techniques (which aren’t all bad) that our grandfathers used. More importantly we would probably be using them without knowing how, when and why. Your courses and feedback are typically all most of us get in the way of professional development, ...

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Guest Post: Developmental vs. Elite Sport

If the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) had an award called 'Most Popular Coach as Voted by Their Peers' Ian McKeown would probably win it! As someone who has done research in the Developmental space but currently plies his trade in arguably the most competitive, Elite league in the world, he remains as down to earth as ever.  Development ...

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Building a Team Culture in an Individual Sport

I’ve enjoyed many in-depth coaching discussions all over the globe with current Baylor University Head Women's Tennis Coach Joey Scrivano. Unlike many, he’s managed to balance being known as a coach’s coach and an athlete’s coach. He gets it. Though we’ve never coached together, I know we’d hit it off. I've spent my career coaching what is considered to be ...

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For Athletes Only

As an athlete, there is no doubt that you want to succeed. You put in the effort, spend countless hours training and improving, even more hours discussing, analysing and dreaming about your sport. The scary thing is that for everything you do there is someone out there doing that and more! They’re pushing themselves a bit harder, doing a bit ...

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Tips When Starting A New Coaching Job: Part 2

Firstly, thanks for all the interaction, suggestions and conversation surrounding Part 1 of this article. I hope those coaches enjoy sustained success in their new roles and I'm glad those thoughts were found to be relevant in your environments. Here is Part 2, and again please feel free to share your thoughts. Review: Tips When Starting A New Coaching Job: ...

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