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Fast Tracking & Pine Trees

A couple of hours drive from where I grew up in South Africa we had some family friends who owned a pine tree plantation. Those with an agriculture bent will immediately identify that pine trees are not native to the tropical South African landscape, and you’re correct. Pine plantations were introduced artificially since the year-round sunlight, nutrient dense soil and ...

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Practice Coaching – Lessons for Interns (6)

It doesn’t matter how many sessions you’ve observed, if you want to be a good coach you need to coach! Observing sessions can help with your development, indeed it will help. Delivering a program someone else wrote will also contribute, but at the end of the day you need to practice designing your programs, implementing them, and then modifying them. ...

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Coaching Heuristic

As someone who is interested in the development of coaches, I spend a fair amount of time thinking, dissecting, and discussing the coaching process. Using my own journey as a starting point, it is interesting to note others who have trod the same, similar or different paths. In particular, I noticed that I became less interested in the 'latest and ...

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‘Earn the Right’ – Lessons for Interns (5)

Having some unbelievable mentors during my formative years of physical preparation gave me a solid foundation to build on. Each of them are still considered to be at the top of their game, and I still catch up with them over inordinately long coffees, lunches and dinners. They are the reason I take on interns, in the hope of positively ...

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Less Judging; More Learning – Lessons for Interns (4)

As much as possible I try to take on interns. I enjoy the questions, banter, as well as watching their ideas develop. When doing an internship, I try to arrange for each coach to spend time with some of my colleagues in other sports or professions. Upon return, there is often a sense of judgment. This is when I introduce ...

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