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Health Heuristics

A ‘heuristic’ is a procedure that provides a simple, adequate, often imperfect answer to a difficult question. Think of it as a ‘rule-of-thumb’. For example: ‘Only shop in the outside aisle of the grocery store.‘ (think meat, veggies, fruit, eggs, etc) is a heuristic. Not perfect, but a good place to start. Another one, courtesy of Jeremy Sheppard, is ‘Only ...

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Since our episode of Search4Hurt aired last week on ESPN, people have asked Dave and I some questions about the training we do, our philosophies and beliefs, and if that was a typical session, etc. Instead of replying to everyone individually I thought it might be easier to just write on blog that answered as many questions as I could. ...

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Organic… Where the burden of proof lies

How do you know if someone eats organic foods? They tell you… While that joke may be old, it is very close to the truth: people who eat ‘organically’ seem to shove the idea down our metaphorical throats. And it annoys many of us. This is evidenced when people quote those studies which suggests that organic foods are not shown ...

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What to do when it rains (Tennis)

Due to the unpredictable weather conditions during this year’s Wimbledon the topic of rain delays have potentially affected the outcomes of a number of matches. For coaches and players there is always the dilemma of what to do during the delay – take a shower? Head to the gym? Cool down or keep warm? Of course there is no one ...

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Keeping cool

While we know top level tennis is about executing incredible skill under intense pressure, and that the players possess unbelievable athleticism, sometimes these qualities are not enough. Sometimes, like at the US Open, in the suffocating summer heat and humidity of New York, the ability to endure the conditions is the key factor in walking off the court victorious. Below ...

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