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An Insider’s Insight: The Aussie Tennis Season

Today the pinnacle of the Aussie Tennis Season, the Australian Open (AO), begins. As always the lead up tournaments have raised more than a few eyebrows at the injury rate, some intriguing results and a fair amount of back patting. Unfortunately it all means nothing and here is why. Form Means Nothing There is a fair amount of excitement during ...

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State Records

The formula: Difference in the two events / State Record = Improvement Deficit If you’re searching for the Master’s State Records, please click on the following link: S4H – Master’s State Records  

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Men’s Health – Correct Bench Press & Front Squat Technique

After an interview in the Men’s Health I was asked to do a short video for their website regarding common mistakes I see in the gym. Since most men use the bench press and not enough people squat I chose these two exercises. Fortunately I do not have to spend too much time in public gyms but this is what ...

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Dear Former Athlete…

Dear Former Athlete, First up, congratulations on your career. Competing at the highest-level puts you amongst a select group of individuals, an achievement most of us could only dream of accomplishing. In that regard, you have earned respect. There is no doubt that you will have lots to offer as you transition into the coaching realm. Secondly, it is fantastic ...

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Defending Gen Y

Previously called:¬†Reply to (Journalist) Peter Fitzsimons I read, with interest, Peter Fitzsimons’ article ‘Why, oh why, does Gen Y not get it?‘, not because I agreed or disagreed with it but because I felt he was looking at the symptom and not the cause. We are a product of both Nature and Nurture, and our ‘nature’ hasn’t changed much in ...

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