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Defending Gen Y

Previously called: Reply to (Journalist) Peter Fitzsimons I read, with interest, Peter Fitzsimons' article 'Why, oh why, does Gen Y not get it?', not because I agreed or disagreed with it but because I felt he was looking at the symptom and not the cause. We are a product of both Nature and Nurture, and our 'nature' hasn't changed much in ...

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Seedlings and Young Athletes

I was fortunate to attend the prestigious University of Stellenbosch where the academia was robust, the sports was intense and the socialising was plentiful. While most students might be consuming cheap beer in a dingy pub, we had the privilege of sipping on internationally acclaimed wine from the surrounding vineyards. The occasion would commence with some wine-tasting (none of us ...

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Health Heuristics

A 'heuristic' is a procedure that provides a simple, adequate, often imperfect answer to a difficult question. Think of it as a 'rule-of-thumb'. For example: 'Only shop in the outside aisle of the grocery store.' (think meat, veggies, fruit, eggs, etc) is a heuristic. Not perfect, but a good place to start. Another one, courtesy of Jeremy Sheppard, is 'Only ...

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Organic… Where the burden of proof lies

How do you know if someone eats organic foods? They tell you... While that joke may be old, it is very close to the truth: people who eat 'organically' seem to shove the idea down our metaphorical throats. And it annoys many of us. This is evidenced when people quote those studies which suggests that organic foods are not shown ...

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Perception Deception

The truth is most of us don't see ourselves as we really are. Read more...

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