Guest Post: Blueprint For Success In S&C

As a Strength & Conditioning Coach, Eric Krause makes some great points about what behaviour we should adopt so be a successful coach ourselves. 

Dream Athlete: A Blueprint For Success In the Field of Strength and Conditioning

I have one of the coolest and most sought after job in athletics.  I would argue that being a strength and conditioning coach is one of the coolest jobs in existence.  Weekly, my inbox fills with requests and resumes from people either inquiring about how to become one or offering their services to volunteer to do it for free.  Let’s entertain the obvious as to why my job is awesome:

  1. I am around impressive, young, and talented athletes approaching their prime.
  2. I am in a weight room 70% of my day.
  3. A part of my job is to attend sports matches and competitions.

Do I even need to list more??  The crazy part is that those things don’t even come close to representing the most incredible part of my job.  Anyone could have guessed the perks of the job, but the truly rewarding part is the ability to shape and mold young men and women literally and figuratively!  How cool is that?

Through the things I do, effort I exude, and passion I display, I have the potential to affect my athletes positively every day.  I can be the reason someone does not give up on themselves.

There is no better feeling than to be able to help someone through a tough or challenging task.  Nothing can beat being a positive guide for someone along their journey.  I fully embrace the responsibility I have as a coach and I make it a point to make sure that my intention to help individuals succeed is undeniable by way of my actions.

I want to share with you my thoughts on how a budding coach can get a job in strength and conditioning or how a current coach that has a job can move up and become an asset to the department.

I will not claim to be all knowing and if I ever do make that claim in my career, it will surely be time to hang up the whistle (hopefully, there will be no tight, too short, coaching shorts to hang up but you never know).  I only look to impart on you some wisdom that has been passed to me.  This knowledge I have put to good use and it is paying huge dividends for me!

I would like to start by proposing a question:

If you were to build the perfect athlete what attributes would he possess?

(take some time… really think and write some answers down)

Here is what I would say:



They do what is asked of them. When things don’t go their way they know that it is within their control to either change the result to something more favourable or to change their attitude about the result.

This athlete does not understand blame.


They are a positive force on the team that recognises negativity and seeks to address any poor attitudes and weak thinking before it becomes a team cancer.


They do not know quit and whether they are naturally talented or not, they will work just as hard.


They understand how to lead by actions and verbally.  They will do what it takes to set a good example for their teammates and school.


This is my X-factor!  This type of athlete will not stop.  This athlete is not satisfied with just enough.  They live by the 'Above and Beyond' Principle!

Sounds like a pretty incredible recruit doesn’t it?  Well guess what?  YOU need to be that recruit!  You need to possess those attributes to be a success in this field.  Just like you would kill to have an athlete like that in your program, a Head Coach would kill to have an employee like that on his/her team.

I encourage you to foster these attributes and make them a part of you.  If they already are, then I encourage you to revisit them to ensure that you are doing all you can in these areas.  It is a constant practice of mine to see to it that I am doing all I can in those areas.

Lastly, I encourage you to commit to the last attribute for I believe it will lead to the majority of your successes.  Today many people are just going through the motions and doing only what is asked.  You need to ask yourself: “What sets you apart?”  I challenge you to adopt the above and beyond mentality and watch your careers and your lives drastically change.

Best wishes on your journey!

Eric Krause plies his trade at the Florida Gulf Coast University. Follow him on Twitter @EducatedMuscle

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