Nick chats about his early days in S&C, working those long hours… His diagnosis and treatment of cancer and how that affected his future decisions… How coaching in different cultures (Tonga, Japan & Qatar) shaped his coaching philosophy… And what he has learned heading up the program at his second AFL club…

(Interview starts at 1min 57sec)

Lachlan Penfold chats about his early days coaching anyone and everyone… His transition to preparing athletes for the Olympics… Professional football v Olympic preparation… What he learned while at the Golden State Warriors… And what he still applies one of the most successful NRL clubs…

(Interview starts at 5mins 49sec)

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Ben Cross chats about his time at 3 NRL clubs and when he started planting the seeds to become a coach… Where he played his best football and how that affected his coaching philosophy… How he improved his coaching by moving backwards… And he made an important distinction that most don’t understand about being “comfortable”…

Interview starts at 4min 30.

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Brant chatted about the differences in preparing for a World Championship, Commonwealth Games & Olympics (and what is “High Performance”)… What we should be doing for our own coaching development… What he learned from interacting with coaches & sport scientists from outside his sport… What S&C Coaches need to learn about the aquatic environment…

(General chat until 4:58. Fast forward to then to get to the interview.)

Harrison Westbrook chats about his transition from elite athlete to S&C coach… Challenges and solutions in the High School setting… What he learned preparing rugby players for the u20 World Cup… What he looks for in a young coach…

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Mark Taylor chats about is progression through the S&C ranks… Why he went to university to get a degree… What he learned working with British swimmers in the lead up to the Rio Olympics… What the sport of Tennis can learn from Swimming (and vice versa)… 3 Things he’d tell a young Mark Taylor…

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Brendyn Appleby chats about how he got his first paid job at the Western Australian Institute of Sport… What he learned coaching multiple sports, both sexes and all levels… He expands on the differences he had to adjust moving into professional rugby… What he would do differently now that he has been with one the most successful Australian teams (Men’s Hockey)…

(NOTE: We got Zoom-bombed on this one!)

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Daniel Cooper chats about his progression through the military… His transition to High Performance Sport… What the Military can learn from HP Sport… What HP Sport can learn from the Military… How he kept learning when there was no equivalent of his position…What he has learned about fatigue… And how you can apply this knowledge…

PS Unfortunately we lost the first 13sec of this interview where we asked Daniel to give us a brief intro into his military career/education.

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