Simon chats about coaching in a low budget environment and how that helped him in a high(er) budget environment… His evolution with regards to travel and fatigue for athletes… Where he develops his ideas and his paradigms… And how his relationship with his head coach has helped the athletes he trains…

(Interview starts at 6min)

Jeremy chats about the lessons he learned at the Australian Institute of Sport, the Queensland Academy of Sport, Surfing Australia and the Canadian Sport Institute… Why he doesn’t believe in the “stay in your lane” philosophy… And he expands on his “Mutual Ownership of Performance” philosophy…

(Interview starts at 4min 37sec)

RESOURCE: Organizing Genius: The Secrets of Creative Collaboration

RESOURCE: Groups v Teams

Joseph chats about his private facility and why he set it up… What he learned coaching two Under 10sec 100m sprinters… His process for determining what attributes he should focus on improving… What he has learned working with some of the best UFC fighters…

(Joseph and I hadn’t seen each other for a while so we actually started chatting straight off the bat… The conversation starts with him explaining the UFC set up.)

Charlie chats about his 3:30am wake ups to get to his coaching… Why he was angry he was denied an opportunity but is now grateful… He reflects on his time at the Western Force… And he shares his coach development program he has at Leinster Rugby Club…

RESOURCE: Leinster Staff Development Template

REFERENCE: Charlie’s 3:30am bike ride to work

(Interview starts at 3min 00sec)

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