Nick Grantham chats about his thoughts on whether to increase the “breadth” or the “depth” of your experience… What every young Coach needs to do in addition to studying… And how he has set himself up to earn from multiple income streams.

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(Interview starts at the 7min mark)

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Keenan chats about his early influences and the benefits of not having preconceived ideas entering a new sport… His paradigms for Athleticism, Long Term Athlete Development & Tapering… He also expanded on his ideas behind programming Olympic lifting for his swimmers… And the lessons he learned working with Michael Phelps for so long.

(Keenan starts chatting at the 3min mark… But the interview officially starts around 3min 30)

Nathan chats about his discomfort on social media and how it has helped him grow as a coach… Why he is so passionate about creating top intern programs and what one should look like… He gives his thoughts on how his time in the private sector, personal training, high school (x2) and professional football have shaped his ideas and paradigms.

(Interview starts at 1min 10sec)

Mike chats about why he feels his degree in the 70s might be ahead of what universities are presenting now… What he has learned over the past 38 years of S&C… How he started his own business and what you should be exploring… Mike also discusses why he *never* squats bilaterally but is comfortable with hang cleans…

(Interview starts 30sec)

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