For the first 3rd, Mike Carroll and I chatted about golf (skip this part unless you’re working with golfers). The last 2/3 we chatted about online business. Record this section!

Find out

  • why Mike left Ireland to head to Southern California.
  • what he was considering doing to supplement his coaching.
  • about his $220 one-day earnings while drinking with his buddies.
  • how he set up his $11k earnings in one weekend!
  • what you should be doing right now.

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Jordan Syatt and I chatted about what he learned interning with Eric Cressey… The lessons from training at Westside Barbell under Louie Simmons… And travelling around with Gary Vaynerchuk every day for 3 years.

(I messed up and only starting recording after we had been chatting for a couple of minutes!)

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Nick Grantham chats about his thoughts on whether to increase the “breadth” or the “depth” of your experience… What every young Coach needs to do in addition to studying… And how he has set himself up to earn from multiple income streams.

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(Interview starts at the 7min mark)

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