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6 Characteristics of High Performance

It is not uncommon for many of us to assume that those that are working at the highest level of their sport must be ‘high performance’. Likewise, it is not uncommon for converse of that assumption to occur: those that are working at the developmental or amateur level are not ‘high performance’. However, in the four years since initiating PropelPerform, ...

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Tips for Choosing a Coach

How to Choose a Coach for your Child? Choosing a Coach isn’t always easy, especially when considering the variables such as qualifications, experiences, results, costs and proximity. Below are some guidelines Parents might want to take on for choosing the next Coach for your child. Scout for Coaches. See which Coaches are in your catchment area (depending on how far ...

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Exercise Physiologists v Exercise Therapist?

We should just admit it - no one knows what an Exercise Physiologist is. And as for 'Accredited Exercise Physiologist' - forget it! Unless a Physio or Doctor is working daily with an EP there is almost no chance they know who we are never mind what we do. The public are even more in the dark. Most of them ...

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Puzzle v Mystery

As the field of Sports Science increases it is tempting to buy into the ever expanding realm of data collection and data analysis. Intuitively it makes sense: more information must mean that we can make better decisions - which players to pick for the match, which athletes to fund in the development pathway or what load can a sports person ...

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EOTC: Tolerance to Improvement

Evolution of this Coach EOTC is a series of reflections, thoughts, anecdotes and growth spurts that have occurred in my coaching career. Some of these will show wholesale changes in direction while others might just be a continuing refinement. Hopefully you can either learn something or identify from this evolution. Changing Focus from Tolerance to Improvement As a young Physical ...

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