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Guest Post: Developmental vs. Elite Sport

If the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) had an award called 'Most Popular Coach as Voted by Their Peers' Ian McKeown would probably win it! As someone who has done research in the Developmental space but currently plies his trade in arguably the most competitive, Elite league in the world, he remains as down to earth as ever.  Development ...

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For Athletes Only

As an athlete, there is no doubt that you want to succeed. You put in the effort, spend countless hours training and improving, even more hours discussing, analysing and dreaming about your sport. The scary thing is that for everything you do there is someone out there doing that and more! They’re pushing themselves a bit harder, doing a bit ...

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11 Ways to Improve your Coaching

Whether you're a former player or just know the sport really well, you've no doubt realised there is more to coaching than the tactical and technical aspects. Coaching is about people. Below are 11 tips that might improve your coaching. Please feel free to add any others that would benefit a coach's athletes. 1) Be the example. This includes being on ...

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Guest Post: Finding a Mentor

When you read who mentored Lachlan Penfold you can understand why his athletes have achieved so much success. Hopefully the last few articles (Grasp your Opportunity, Pay it Forward, Tips from the Top) have provided you with some insights into ways that I was able to develop as a young coach, and shown some actual examples of how this happened.  This article I ...

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Guest Post: What makes a good coach?

If Rugby Union front row forwards have a reputation of wearing their IQs on their backs then Dan Palmer breaks the mould. He is known as a Scrum Technician and has a large input into scrum practice. Having played at the highest level, under a variety of coaches and coaching styles, I asked him what he thought makes a good ...

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