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Not long ago a mate and I were bored at a convention and took a stroll in the quest for a pick-me-up coffee. Near the entrance was a coffee stand, a mobile outlet that had been quite busy earlier that day. After placing our order, we struck up a conversation with the young, confident barista. He told us about his ...

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Dislocating your Expecations

2003 was a tough year for South African rugby fans. For starters, our national team, the Springboks, was close to the laughing stock of world rugby. In fact, it was so bad that our arch-rivals, the New Zealand All Blacks, put 50 points on us at a canter. To make matters worse, England, under coach Clive Woodward, were thriving. While ...

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A New Facility

Over the past few weeks I have been redesigning a facility that I'll see all my athletes (performance) and clients (health) out of. Interestingly, Suki Hobson was going through a similar situation, only hers was with the Milwaukee Bucks and (I am only guessing here) but I'd imagine her budget was slightly bigger. Anyway, below are some processes I went ...

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Q&A: Darren Roberts

Darren Roberts is a High Performance Manager who works with 'Action Sport' athletes. As my physical preparation journey is taking me towards BMXers, Skaters and MotoX, I am thrilled to do this Q&A. Hope you enjoy it too.    Hi Darren, welcome to the our Q&A. Firstly, can you tell us a bit about your education & experience.  Thanks for ...

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Gurus v Mentors 2

While writing this article (titled Gurus v Mentors) I facetiously asked the Twitterverse this:   Thinking of ditching the science and evidence and becoming a 'Guru'... Anyone got any #GuruTips? — Grant Jenkins (@Grant_Jenkins) May 4, 2015   Below are some of the responses. @Grant_Jenkins make lots of noise and only engage with those who pay. Oh and sell something ...

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