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What I learned Fasting for 5 days

I was inspired by some interaction between people I engage with on Twitter.  From Saturday evening (dinner) I committed to only drinking water and black coffee for five consecutive days.  READ MORE: Nutrition for the Young Athlete An overview: Daily I typically fast 16 hrs a day and at least once a week I fast for 24 hrs so the ...

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Mental Strength – It’s not always what it looks like

Over the course of the 2018 Commonwealth Games the Radio ABC612 created a daily segment that addressed the hot, and not so hot, topics of the Games.  Introduced as the ‘Athlete Whisperer’ my role was to provide insight into the world of high performance so the listeners would have a greater appreciation of what the athletes might have done or ...

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How to Choose a Physiotherapist

Regardless of their level, if your child plays a sport there is a good chance you’re going to need a physiotherapist (or physical therapist) for some kind of injury or rehabilitation. Just like mechanics and surgeons and waiters, there are better physiotherapists and some that are not as good. With all the complicated words and theories, it can be difficult ...

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Graduates – Earn the Right

The current trend for universities is to offer a masters degree for eager Strength & Conditioning coaches. It’s the perfect solution to the exact problem they created: 1) accept way too many students into their under-grad programs; 2) wait for the suckers to realise there aren’t many jobs on offer; 3) offer further (online – it’s cheaper) education to the ...

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I differentiate between a Course (measured in hours to days), Work Experience (measured in days to weeks) and an Internship (measured in months to a year) in time AND in hands on experience (Course: role-play; Work Experience: mainly observing; Internship: making decisions and owning the outcomes). Typically there are three types of Internships: Unpaid, Paid and Pay-to-Play. Below are my ...

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