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Practicing Anti-Fragility

One of my more popular presentations to Coaches, Athletes and Parents is about the concept of Anti-Fragility (AF).  In fact, many audience members have followed up to either learn more about it or to discuss how much it resonated with them.  [For those who are unaware of the concept: it's a term invented by Nassim Taleb to describe anything which ...

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The Annual Plan

One of the most important, yet neglected, procedures in athletic development is filling out the Annual Plan.  This simple process should be a priority before your season even starts.  The Annual Plan is vital for one main reason: It gets everyone on the same page.  It is imperative your Team (e.g. Coach, Parents, Physical Trainer, Physical Therapist and Mental Coach) ...

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Coach the Coaches – Strength Sessions

✅ Are you a Health or Performance Practitioner who wants to gain more experience in training as an Athlete? ✅ Would you like to learn how to perform the Olympic lifts better? ✅ Can you improve your knowledge in Running Technique, Plyometric Progressions and Body Weight exercises? ✅Do you want to learn how to adapt your bench press so it becomes a ...

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BMX Australia Calendar – Thoughts

  One of the frustrating aspects of preparing BMX riders in Australia for performance is the lack consideration put into the national calendar for the rider's development.    As the 2019 calendar is already released I am not expecting anyone to change it, however here are some thoughts that might influence the 2020 calendar and beyond.    As with most ...

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Intern Positions – PropelPerform

Propel is offering up to three opportunities to enthusiastic Strength & Conditioning Interns (unpaid) dedicated to improving their ability to make a difference in the profession.  Propel includes PropelPerform and PropelFit PTY Ltd.  At Propel we believe that experience only counts when 1) you make the decision and 2) you're exposed to the consequences.  With this in mind we aim to ...

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