Athlete Development

Regardless of your age or ability, if you have an attitude of wanting to improve your performance then PropelPerform is the where you want to be.

Tapping into over 19 years of experience working with athletes at the developmental and elite levels, services include:

  • Online/Distance Training We currently advise Athletes living over 20 hours flying (Turkey) and driving (Cairns) away. We use Skype, Coach's Eye and a few other tools to make the process as simple, convenient and effective as possible.
  • Program evaluation and guidance Not getting the results you think you deserve? We will assess your program, nutrition and recovery and provide feedback on what to add, subtract or tweak to get you where you want to be.
  • Injury Screening There is evidence to suggest that there are 'red flags' that can alert us to an impending injury. We'll take into account the sport, or position, your age (training. maturation and chronological) and see if we can 'bullet proof' your body.
  • One-on-one consultations Whether you need injury rehab or focused attention we can provide this with our Coaches.
  • Semi-private, personalised training Train with Athletes that have the same drive and determination you have. Currently training at Yoku Road are Athletes in BMX, Motorcross, Triathlon, Rugby, Tennis, Netball, Track & Field, Mountain Biking, Hockey, etc. and they range in ability from school/club to State, National and World Champions.
  • Nutritional advice You can get this wrong for a little while but it'll eventually catch up with you. Make sure you're on the right track with your nutrition and watch the results take care of themselves.

Contact us through the website, Facebook or Twitter if you're interested in maximising your performance.