ASCA 2018 Meet Up

In addition to planning who I want to listen to at the ASCA Conference I also make a list of topics I'd like to explore with fellow delegates in between all the official stuff. 

2018 is no different. 

If you are interested in discussing any of the following topics over a coffee let me know so we can catch up. 

NUTRITION FOR PERFORMANCE - Breaking away from the typical dietary guidelines for Athletes (No DAA- or SDA- affiliated dietitians please!). 

NUTRITION FOR 'MAKING WEIGHT' SPORTS - Mainly looking at long(er)-term strategies. 

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR - Any coaches who run their own businesses? Happy to share mistakes I've made and lessons I've learned. 

EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT - Keen to connect with those who have/are developing education products that prepare Coaches for the Real World. 

I'll update this list. 

Chat soon, 

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