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  1. you have a sound understanding of the following terms: fragile, robust, anti-fragile;
  2. you are involved in development, coaching, training or performance;
  3. interested in providing feedback regarding these thoughts.

In the world of Athlete Development there tends to be a side-effect of creating highly fragile bodies, minds and spirits.

Sometimes this is par for the course – highly specialised organisms are more likely to be fragile to volatility.

However, at the Developmental Level (as opposed to the Elite Level) our goals should be to create athletes who are as close to anti-fragile as possible: independent, adaptable to a range of environments and have an ability to grow from stress and the inevitable set backs.

The Table in the attachment below is a summary of some of my thoughts with regards to the athletes (including skaters, BMX, swimming, rugby, tennis, powerlifting, etc.) I work with; the Coach Education courses and seminars I deliver and some of the goals I am trying to achieve.

In order to make this Table more anti-fragile, I’d appreciate your thoughts, comments, questions and queries.

Anti-Fragility for Sports, Coaching & Training

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