From the earliest stages of his career, Grant Jenkins planned to be his own boss, in a private facility that catered to athletes and other clients who wanted to maximise their physical potential.

The goal was to learn as much as he could, in a variety of sports, roles and positions, while taking an athlete to the pinnacle of their sport before breaking away from the employed-sector to set up his facility.

It was at Wimbledon in 2012 that PropelPerform was conceived and registered.

On the road in Las Vegas with a young Ash Barty

Learning Curve

This triggered a steep learning curve:

  • Almost all of your coach professional development will have minimal impact on your earnings
  • Realising most of the skills you learn while employed won’t transfer to being self-employed
  • Charging your worth can be an internal battle you’ll probably lose
  • Your time is more valuable than your income (more on this later)

Preparing Nick Kygrios in Hungary

Mistakes were made, lessons were learned and, slowly, Grant made progress.

You can learn from these lessons and mistakes.

You can accelerate your career and develop your business skills at a rate you didn’t think was possible.


PropelPerform will give the you insight into the history and the journey, where no detail will be withheld:

  • Understand why traditional business models don’t always apply to the High Performance Coach
  • What he learned when the original website took 9 months longer than he was promised
  • Listen to how he spent over $100k in marketing and got close to $0 in return
  • Internalise the notion the Employed cannot advise you on business

BMX World Champs (Belgium) with Tommy Tucker

Despite these mistakes (or perhaps because of them), he has run a successful business for almost a decade. And Grant is ready to help you.

He will show you how he made the critical mindset changes required to succeed in the private sector; what to track from a business point of view and how some of your strengths in the employed sector will become weaknesses in the private sector.

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Gym session with Jason Kubler for the US Open (NYC)

Coaching Highlights

  • 2 Athletes selected as Queensland State Junior Sports Stars of the Year
  • a Wimbledon Junior Champion
  • State Powerlifting Champion
  • multiple age-group BMX World Champions
  • age-group Triathlon World Champion
  • over 20 National Tennis Champions

In the sheds after winning the Caxton Cup


  • Bachelor of Science (Hons) with Sport Science & Rehabilitation
  • Level 3 Strength & Conditioning Coach (Australian Strength & Conditioning Association)
  • Master Coach (awarded by the ASCA)
  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Exercise & Sport Science Association)

You can learn more about Grant Jenkins at his personal website:

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