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Qualifying your Advisor


It wasn’t long ago that most of our shared information was through books. I remember when I first discovered internet groups in the 1990′s (who else was on Mel Siff’s Supertraining group? : ) where anyone could pass on information or share their experiences. While many of the group’s had moderators, the level of qualifying dropped significantly. The uberisation of ...

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Gurus v Mentors


My disdain for those that position themselves as Gurus usually manifests quite passively – I just ignore them. However, as I feel my social responsibility grow, it has become apparent that there are certain groups of people (think: young coaches, impressionable parents and developmental athletes) that need guidance to ensure their ‘hard earned’ isn’t handed over to the (usually self-proclaimed) ...

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Who Knows You?

who knows you

While there are many of us who dream of working in the NFL Alex Hampton is in the US living our collective dream. I asked him a bit about his journey. His response should be passed onto every young coach.  Who knows you – Making the most of your internship The most common piece of advice I see given to ...

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Coaching Challenge 2

propelperform thanks

The visual plan… We’ve all heard about ’8 Week Fitness Challenges’ run out of almost every commercial fitness centre, well, this is a ’8 Week Coaching Challenge’ designed to help improve your coaching. At the end of each week we will post a Coaching Challenge for you to integrate into your coaching for the following week. Enjoy.  Challenge 2: Everything ...

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Partnering with the Evolution of an Athlete Conference

Logo EOA 7

Having both presented at the Evolution of an Athlete Conference, we are proud to announce that we will be partnering this fantastic initiative this year. Following a similar format to the 2014 Conference, it will be on online and recorded – great news for our overseas (and even cross-country) readers who can save hundreds of dollars on travel and accommodation. ...

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